Big Life Journal have some great teaching materials that are especially designed for parents to teach their kids and teens about how they can grow their mindset to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

It’s such a beautiful gift you could buy your kids – you can really help them to help turn around that negative self-talk and general negativity in your lives to make your home a happier place, make kids feel good in themselves, learn to appreciate the good little things in life that they all take for granted, and become a better, healthier version of themselves, discover what might be holding them back and how they can chase their dreams in life. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s so worth it, and they can have fun along the way!!!

They have created a Big Life Journal specially designed for kids of all ages for them to write in everyday, teaching them about how their thoughts are affecting their everyday life and how they can grow their mindset, maybe something you do just before bedtime every night. It can help children learn to embrace challenges, to persevere, and how to grow from mistakes and failures.

They also have a variety of Challenge kits, including kits to help with Growth Mindset, including more Positivity in your life, teaching your kids all about Self-Love, Goal-setting and to improve their Self-Esteem amongst other tools…. Get the whole family involved in and start a new healthy habit in 2021!!!

It’s a really special thing to do and you will see for yourself too how much they do actually appreciate you when they start writing things down on paper. It’s a feel good thing for us parents who often feel like we are taken for granted with everything we do for our kids.

They also have lots of nice posters that can help to encourage kids (and also parents) to persevere in growing their mindset, keep their motivation going and positive spirit alive, so you may wish to browse in their shop in case there might be something else you might be interested in to help you along your journey.