My name is Sara Benveniste and I am a Music & Wellness Coach from London, UK.

My mission is to help parents, people with chronic fatigue (or low energy) and also people with an invisible hearing disability or Fibromyalgia like myself feel empowered to make healthy choices in all areas of everyday life.

My main focus is to inspire people to make positive change in their lives, heighten self-awareness, to feel more energy and joy, to “think outside the box” and be creative in the way they lead their lives, using music, mindfulness, positivity and self-care as key growth mindset tools to kick-start their motivation, build their self-confidence and self-esteem, promote self-acceptance, embrace their imperfections and discover their passion and purpose in life.

In doing so, I hope to inspire you to:

• Prioritise your well-being (mental and physical) and practice self-care regularly.

• Become mindful of your own needs (mind, body & soul) and live a healthy and happy life.

• Discover the incredible value of music and the positive role it can play in everyday life to help give you fresh insight, inspiration and a burst of energy.

• Learn to love self-discipline: create some new, empowering habits for yourself that will change your life and the relationship you have with yourself.

• Expand your perspective – learn to appreciate all the little things in life and the beauty in this world.