How connected do you really feel?

As a mum and someone who is now living in an era where technology is just everywhere – even our central heating and lights can be controlled by the internet (very frustrating when the internet is down which happens occasionally), so it is very hard to escape technology completely. And so we have to make a conscious effort to switch off, otherwise like housework, it is relentless the amount of time you can spend surfing the web or using any kind of social media if you don’t discipline yourself to stop.

On one hand, it is amazing how we can connect with like minded people from all over the world in an instant, but on the other hand, we can find ourselves easily lost in the world of the internet if we are not careful and forget about what it’s actually like to have human connection in your life.

Having easy access to technology can really make you think you are well connected but in fact, it’s not always the connection we really need as a human being. It’s not easy being a mum, as there is a lot of time spent alone in your own company working around the restricted time frame of school hours or holiday camps, or maybe you are waiting for the time the kids are in bed before you can connect with friends whether by phone or getting out of the house and interacting face to face with them. Maybe you have a baby or toddler like me who at this stage, don’t know many people with little ones the same age as my toddler, and need to entertain your child on your own and manage them all day long, all the highs and lows included. It is really hard on your sanity, and so there is such a constant need to relax and uplift, plus you do have to become more picky about which battles to fight and which to let go of. I realise that over the years as a mum, I have really missed simple old-fashioned human connection, the adult conversation, the mental stimulation and laughs to help me get through my day.

This is why I decided to run a weekly Summer Karaoke club during the school holidays (which are normally so very intense), as aside from helping to relieve my stress, I wanted to make live human connections with friends and like minded people who can feed off each other’s energy, fulfil a sense of belonging, and just release any tension and have some fun and sing without fear of being judged in a really warm environment and in small groups which are always nice too. And even though not everyone knows each other, we all get along well as we can share our own experiences of motherhood, let off some steam, and just get lost in the moment, and sing along and dance to our favourite tunes in our own private room.

Don’t let your human connections slide and technology control your life and relationships (it is very easily done as it is so addictive)…. Instead, take whatever action necessary to deepen your connections with real people too away from the distraction of technology, and focus on the task or activity or hobby you are doing one at a time wherever possible, and more importantly, enjoy the moment. It is these little mindful habits and moments we can create for ourselves that help determine the focus of our lives and help you to shine a light on each day.

How can you lose yourself in the moment, and form better connections with yourself and/or other people in the world around you?

Be kind to yourself

Time and time again, I hear many women speak so negatively about themselves, and comparing themselves to others, in a way you wouldn’t talk to other people, and it niggles me – I do it too sometimes. Why do we do this??!

Our self-talk is so important – it really does affect how you feel as a person the words you speak about yourself… It really does become your reality if you then go and strongly believe those words are true and speak these words in real life… Go and be the amazing person you want to be and don’t let your mind talk you out of it!!!!!!

Fill your mind with positive words, with all who you want to be, all the nice things, every day, and fill your hearts with more love for yourself with some or all those things you say you never have time to do or put off for whatever reason, make regular time in your diary, in your life, for self-care, otherwise what can you project to the world outside…

You are worthy of feeling your very best – go out and do more of those things that make you feel amazing and you will start to feel better in yourself, about who you are as the unique person that you are.

Everything you do, practice it consistently as much as you can, slot it in your diary, your routine, your life – that’s the key. It’s hard to be perfect all the time, I do have off days, I do treat myself too, but the trick is to acknowledge how you are feeling, what your body needs, and more importantly, what you are worth so you can get back on track again soon afterwards.