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How much do you value yourself?

How many times do we say “thank you” to ourselves for who we are, what we have achieved and the struggles we have gotten past or battling in this present moment?

Think about what you might do to thank someone else if they show kindness to you… what would you do?

It’s really important to say “thank you” to yourself for all those things you have achieved in life that you may have taken for granted, all the little things you do that may be part of your daily routine, the simple things sometimes…

Another thing to bear in mind, aside from also the things you might do for your family and friends in your life, is of course all your unique qualities (strengths or weaknesses), gifts and talents. This is something you can be proud of and grateful for, which can help you to boost your energy, happiness and joy.

We should never take ourselves for granted, or anyone else for that matter too. We have all been brought into this world for a reason, and must share our gifts and our real authentic selves as much as possible to live our happiest life possible…

So there is no need to hide in the darkness… Don’t be afraid to step into the light.

Most of us have let others determine our own worth in the past (including myself), whether we think we are good enough or not, and this can really have an impact later on in life how much we value ourselves and our everyday happiness.

This doesn’t have to be the case – having a good sense of self-worth is really important and shouldn’t be ignored!!! Praise and gratitude (I realise now) doesn’t always have to come from someone else, it can come from within yourself especially if you make a habit of doing it – it really does help to make you feel stronger as a person too.

Don’t wait for others to appreciate you as it may never come or come in the way you expect it to – just because you put time and effort into something, it doesn’t mean it’ll be appreciated. So we just need to be grateful for what we have, make the best use of it and treat it with kindness and love.

Think about the kindness you give to others, turn it inwards and give it to yourself.

Learn the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve. YOU are W-O-R-T-H-Y of being appreciated and of the beauty life has to offer!!!

Are you listening to your body signals?

I decided to re-read Chapter 7 of “The Universe has your Back” book today by Gabrielle Bernstein which talks about clearing the path for certainty to make room for what you desire, as I would like to start developing some healthier habits for myself after neglecting myself more than I would like during the school holidays… Though I did keep a few little habits going over the past 6 weeks, it just wasn’t enough, and not what my body and mind needed.

Time to get my energy back up again as best as I can whilst I have my littlest one still with me (my big kids are back at school) whilst he naps in the car or plays in the soft play area… whatever little chunk of time I can grab.

At the start of the new school year, and the end of a long summer holiday with all the kids, my body has been sending me strong signals that it has had enough, especially first thing this morning. I just felt so exhausted and in pain too. My body was crying out “Stop!!”….

I decided to listen really carefully to myself this time.

I realised that I urgently need to tune back into the energy of love. Like a radio station, our bodies also have a frequency which controls the experiences we have in our everyday lives. And in the same way we can tune into whatever radio frequency we like, we can do that with our bodies and minds if we choose to, which helps to keep our negative experience of life to a minimum. Though it doesn’t get rid of them completely. Fear has a funny way of getting to us sometimes, and we can still lose our way, our mojo, our lively spirit, get stressed, overwhelmed etc but the important thing is to get back up again to the place you feel happiest, enjoying life and feeling good in yourself.

I really must slow down and let my body recover somewhat. Aside from a couple of late nights recently, I have also lately been dipping a lot more into fear and negative self talk lately as I’ve had a stressful time potty training my toddler and just managing my kids generally over the summer holidays, plus also, the limited self-care I have given myself over the holidays has just tipped me over the edge and it’s taken a toll on my body and my energy. It’s just really hard work with three kids, more stressful, more to juggle, more food to cook, more clothes to wash, dishes to clean, the list goes on. But I push through it somehow in the best way I can as this is all I can do.

I also realise that I lost a little faith over the holidays too as I didn’t have so much time to focus on myself and my goals. So I have now made some positive decisions for myself, that involve the need to bring back my newfound faith in myself, and also to tune back into the energy of love and faith in the Universe as a whole. New beginnings are coming this month, especially for me as my littlest one is approaching the start date for his new nursery, life is full of change as it evolves and somehow, we have to learn to adapt to it all and embrace the future that lies ahead however imperfect it may look right now.

The important thing right now is that we regain that connection with ourselves, with our goals, our vision for the future, so that you can go and be that person right now instead of trying to search for the right time, the right moment. We have to trust that our plan for the future will happen as it is meant to happen at the right time, but in the meantime, it is important to tap into that energy of joy to be able to see more clearly, to feel more excited about what’s next to come, and make yourself a top priority in life.

Listen to your body, go and do what you need to do to get your energy and joy back up – self-care is absolutely necessary and a priority, not a luxury!!!