As well as being a copywriter, I am a musician at heart. I learnt to play the keyboard (Grade 1) when I was at primary school, and in secondary school, learned to play the flute (Grade 6). At school, I used to enjoy singing in the choir and playing in a band.

However, after I went to University, I stopped playing the flute for about 20 years, and only recently in the past 6 years, have re-discovered my love for music and playing the flute again.

As well as playing an instrument, I also love singing, whether it is listening to music on YouTube, the radio, singing in a local choir or karaoke-style. I also love listening to and playing songs from musicals and films, as well as classical, meditative, pop & jazz music.

Music really has become a part of me, despite my challenges with moderate hearing loss. It has become part of how I manage my everyday life being a mum of 3, to help uplift my energy, increase my feeling of joy and calm, and connect with myself. Also, this is how I validate my feelings – it is a great outlet to help improve my mood and well-being, and to express my emotions throughout the day in a healthy way, whether I am alone or with others.

As well as my musical interests, I enjoy meditating… I love peace and quiet whenever I can grab it!

My story in brief

Over the last 27 years, I have been living with Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes two main symptoms, widespread pain and fatigue. This has affected my energy levels, metabolism, strength and pain for many years, all of which got progressively worse after I had each of my three children. I also have moderate hearing loss, which can also cause me to have low energy.

In the past 6 years especially, it has been a big task of mine to continually find new ways of keeping up and improving my energy levels to be able to cope with the stress, exhaustion and struggles of everyday life.

During this time, I have been on an enlightening learning journey which initially started with a lot of self-care, mainly through developing a new series of small, healthy, energising and fulfilling habits. Then it progressed over the past few years with much self-reflection, deeper focus into what lights me up and makes me feel good, and creative inspiration to fuel my energy and productivity – all in all making me feel more connected to the essence of who I am at heart and ultimately shaping my purpose and passion in life.


Live. Be creative. Let your imagination run wild.


Sunshine – Hope – Inspiration – Nourishment – Empowerment