What language do you speak?

Understanding language in all forms is the true essence of life, whether it is body language, the language we speak to ourselves in our mind, our self-talk, or even a foreign language you are learning…

Even if it is your native language, we need to pay attention to the languages we have been blessed to communicate with in our everyday lives. When we fill and jam-pack our days with chores or tasks to complete on our to-do list that can be endless, and you don’t allow and create breathing space for yourself, even if for a couple of minutes, this ends up making us feeling grumpy, tired, frustrated, angry, the list goes on, and all that excess, unwanted and unnecessary negative energy starts to resurface.

The key thing I have found is to really pay attention to those energy dips you get during the day, and do your best to tell yourself and make the decision that you want to feel good, to not stay in that negative state for very long, and choose love for yourself and snap out of it with some positive energy and self-care, whatever form that is for you, and go do that thing you know will make you light up.  There really is such a thing called body language, and we really have to make an effort whenever we can to listen in and try to understand it. Our bodies have a distinct way of communicating with us.

Try it out for yourself, have a listen in to what your body is trying to tell you – then take action and respond to your body’s cues. See what happens, you might surprise yourself and may even feel uplifted which is always a good thing. Definitely worth a try.

Sara Benveniste

Sara is a mum of 3 and also a Mindset & Wellness coach. and through personal experience, helps people with low energy and chronic fatigue develop a healthier, more positive and creative growth mindset, and at the same time, nourish their mind, body and soul through self-love, good nutrition, music and mindfulness. She is also a linguist, and loves learning foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Italian, playing the flute and listening to music.

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