What makes you feel happy?

Music is my happy place. As someone with chronic pain as well as fatigue, I do need distraction (aside from acknowledging the pain itself) and of course to find some pain relief too.

When I’m in most pain or have some kind of flare up, my automatic reaction is to feel sad and anxious, and think negative thoughts, and then in that state, I end up finding something or someone to blame for the pain and sadness that surrounds me when I retreat into that sad, negative mindset. However, I do try nowadays not to stay in this state for a long time… If I stay in this state for too long, it can get pretty miserable, so this is why I have to make that choice to feel happy, I have to take action to do those things that make me feel happy and more positive, and this is the power that music has over me. As I said at the beginning, I use music in so many different ways, so sometimes, quiet, calming, chilled music is the thing that helps to calm my mind, and guided meditation with gentle music in the background has been a lifesaver for me – just shutting my eyes for half an hour does me the world of good and helps me to get through the rest of the day in a more positive frame of mind.

It is like this on an everyday basis with fibromyalgia, I am constantly having to check in with myself and making those little moments to breathe, to hear or feel what my body and mind are communicating with me. As a mum aswell, there is such a need to constantly uplift myself as there are so many things I do for the kids, for the family, that do tire and stress me out, which is why it’s so important to acknowledge this and pay close attention to our needs throughout the day.

Get in touch with yourself – develop good self care habits on a regular basis, and don’t let your “battery charge” get too low, unbearable and hard to manage.

You wouldn’t let your phone charge get too low, so don’t let yourself get so low on charge too…

Make yourself an important priority in life.


Sara Benveniste

Sara is a mum of 3 and also a Mindset & Wellness coach. and through personal experience, helps people with low energy and chronic fatigue develop a healthier, more positive and creative growth mindset, and at the same time, nourish their mind, body and soul through self-love, good nutrition, music and mindfulness. She is also a linguist, and loves learning foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Italian, playing the flute and listening to music.

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