Brighten up your world

As someone who likes to see the practical side of things, connecting with the beauty of the Universe (in my mind) is just simply about aligning to our authentic, loving selves, nothing more, nothing less.

When I am connected to my own heart energy through my thoughts, actions and beliefs, I feel supported and guided in the right direction towards the path that is meant for me. Everyone is unique so we all have our individual stories and paths we are supposed to take too which gives us that feeling of purpose.

Listening to my intuition and being connected with my desires allows me to see myself in a brighter, more authentic light, and gives me the insight and opportunity to make a difference in the world, that space, that opportunity for creativity, which allows me to feel the light within me. With this loving presence around me, through heightening my self-awareness and faith in myself, I feel inspired to take the action and risks needed to bring about new, exciting opportunities to help me become the inspiration I want to become and create that life of my dreams. Even if there are obstacles and challenges that might get in the way!!!

What makes you feel inspired? What colours could you add to your life that will help you live in the way you dream about?

What difference could you make in this world to yourself and those around you?  Every little action counts – make your everyday life more meaningful and live with purpose! Life feels so much better this way…

Where do you think there could be opportunity for you to see or feel the light shining within you? Listen to your heart, what is it trying to tell you? Tap into that heart energy – it is very powerful!

Empower yourself (it’s never too late) and learn to live in joy, to feel abundant energy, spread light and bring magic and colour into other people’s lives, if not only for yourself, but also for those around you to help make the world a more beautiful, happy place to live in.



Sara Benveniste

Sara is a mum of 3 and also a Mindset & Wellness coach. and through personal experience, helps people with low energy and chronic fatigue develop a healthier, more positive and creative growth mindset, and at the same time, nourish their mind, body and soul through self-love, good nutrition, music and mindfulness. She is also a linguist, and loves learning foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Italian, playing the flute and listening to music.

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